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You Already Have A Bigger Penis.

A Significant Fraction of your Penis is Already Within You.

It's A Pad Of Fat - Most Of The Time Not Even Visible - That Is Keeping At Least 1/3 Of Your Overall Penis Length Hidden. All Men Have It.

1/3 To ½ of Your Penis is Simply Waiting Inside of Your Body. Its Hidden Roots Are Planted in the Pelvic Cavity.

Penis Champion Will Merely Show You How To Coax It Out.

You Already Have Everything You Need To Achieve The Penis You've Always Longed For.

Please, let me show you how...

My name is John Marlowe, and I want to tell you about the worst moment in my life. One morning, my wife of nine years walked in the kitchen and told me she was leaving me... for another man. There were many reasons: workaholism, golf addiction, exotic car obsession.

But here was the kicker, the words that still painfully echo for me to this day:  "When we have sex, I can't even FEEL you inside of me." I knew my penis size was below average, but I didn't know it was this bad! "Oh, so I suppose you CAN feel this other man inside of you?" I replied. "Can I ever." I was a multi-millionaire, owned a private jet, and thought I had everything a man needed. But after hearing my wife say this, I had never felt so inadequate and powerless in all my life. But then I did something about it.

My Quest For A Bigger Penis

After wallowing for a while, I educated myself. I learned that having a smaller than average penis was not my fault. Both penis size and shape are genetic. Then I learned about all the different methods man has used to enlarge his penis. And as you'll see later, I learned how all of these methods were absolutely bogus. So then, I devoted all of my time and considerable resources to finding a way to legitimately enlarge the penis. This quest led me to make many a fool's errand, visiting everyone from experimental surgeons to mystics (which I'm embarrassed to admit). After running into nothing but dead ends for two years, I was on the verge of giving up, when one of the urology specialists I was interviewing in hopes of making my penis larger casually mentioned that perhaps I should talk to a certain porn star who - according to a Hollywood urban legend - had learned how to cheat Mother Nature and make himself into a BIGGER man.

Enter: Penis Champion

I was skeptical. I started exploring the underbelly of the adult film industry, and the more I heard about this man, the less I believed in him.

Different people told me different things, such as:

  • He was able to give women an orgasm so powerful that they were sometimes left in a stupor afterwards, unable to speak for hours. (Yeah, right!)
  • He was capable of ejaculating on command without his genitals being touched at all - solely using his mind and will. (Whatever!)
  • He once carried around a petite starlet with his penis alone (no hands). (Come on!)

But my curiosity was definitely piqued. Since meeting him, I've learned that these legends were only half-truths . . . But more importantly, I learned that one thing was entirely true: The man who I would later name Penis Champion had not always had such an impressive penis. He was a hard man to track down. He mostly lived a quiet life of humble obscurity. But after I phoned him and told him the pathetic story of my wife leaving me for a "bigger" man, he granted me a meeting.

The Little Porn Star Who Could

Though this man was now widely regarded as a SEX GOD, he admitted to once being a "small-dicked pansy." His words. Especially for a porn star, he was originally below average in penis size. Luckily for him, he was able to get his foot in the door with his remarkable sexual stamina and an unfailing ability to have erections on command. Also, as I learned within 10 minutes of meeting him, he has to be one of the most charismatic individuals you'd ever want to meet. He soon found, however, that his below-average penis size would be a major obstacle in climbing the ladder of success in size-obsessed adult entertainment. It caused him to feel embarrassment and inadequacy.

They laughed at him.

Because of this, he sympathized with my predicament. A man whose heart is as abundant as his sexual power, he agreed to show me how he enlarged his penis. He explained that while it didn't happen overnight, he did manage to build his penis into something he could be proud of. And he went on to accomplish every pornographic goal his heart desired. He remained a force to be reckoned with in the adult film industry for 14 years and has appeared in over 350 sex scenes.

They never laughed at him again.

The Birth Of

He and I developed a master/apprentice relationship. I soon realized that this man was the real deal. I can't wait for you to meet him!

He is a full-blown sexual guru. His 14 years as a porn star had taught him every penis trick in the book.

But the core of his teachings was:

20 Penis-Building Exercises.

These were the exercises he had developed and used on himself to overcome his own penis size limitations. He taught me each and every one. With patience, I gradually mastered the 20 techniques.

Within a week I noticed minor changes to the width of my penis. Within 6 months, my penis was virtually unrecognizable. Thicker, firmer, longer, stronger. A good 2 inches every which way.

I started feeling tinges of guilt. Why should I and I alone have sole access to the secrets of this porn god? I've read in repeated sources that half of all men feel inadequate about their penis. Why should I horde all the sexual knowledge that this man has attained? And don't let me fool you, I couldn't help but see dollar signs! So I pitched my idea to the master himself. We would call it: PENIS CHAMPION

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He, of course, would be Penis Champion. The various names he used in his films were off-limits since these names were legal property of two different production companies he worked under. If we used his stage names, we would have to share our profits with these producers. Since Penis Champion found these people to be exploitative and unscrupulous, he would not allow them to profit from his hard-earned knowledge of developing a better penis. And not even I know his birth name. Coming from a conservative Midwestern family, he has always separated his private life from his XXX life.

So it came to be that under the secret identity of Penis Champion, this expert of all things sexual and wizard of self penis augmentation, has written down ALL of his 20 penis-building exercises, plus


The material is all written by Penis Champion. I have merely provided a platform for him on which to share his knowledge:

Discover more...

This means that YOU can now have full access to the exciting mind of a porn star.

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Imagine having complete sexual knowledge. Most porn stars selfishly keep what they've learned about their penises to themselves.

  • Penis Champion wants you to succeed.
    Most porn stars, like magicians or professional wrestlers, live by an unspoken code. They believe they must protect the secrets of their professions. They do this to insure that they are superior to all the average people out there who have to sit there and just watch them have sex.
  • Penis Champion wants you to be able to have sex like a porn star.
    Most porn stars act as gatekeepers who keep the public away from the sex secrets of their industry - those sex secrets that would allow the public a better sex life and therefore no longer need the fantasy of pornographic films.
  • Penis Champion wants you achieve your fantasies.
    But because Penis Champion wants to free all this sexual knowledge to the masses, he could become an object of scorn in his own industry. All the more reason to keep his true identity hidden!
  • Penis Champion believes that you deserve to know what he knows.
    He believes in the brotherhood of men, and that all men are in this together - simply by right of having a penis. He believes that you do not have to go through life with a penis you're not satisfied with.

But as kind as he is, he's not stupid. He can't just give his knowledge away!

You must invest yourself in him. Invest yourself by clicking here!

How It Works

The most important thing you need to realize is that these really are EXERCISES.

Natural penile augmentation through exercise.

Like any exercise, the improvement you will be making to your penis will occur from organized physical fitness techniques.

In other words, this is not a miracle cure. It is not some magical pill you take that will miraculously make your penis bigger. Nor is it some cream with supernatural growing powers.

It is a realistic, practical, natural way to work out your body for the sake of penis gains. No foreign chemicals or dangerous pumps will be needed.

This method is all YOU and the willpower and determination to make your penis be all that it can be.

There is one difference between Penis Champion's exercises and regular exercises, though . . .

You are going to like the way these exercises feel.

After all, porn stars aren't known for shying away from indulgence. It should come as no surprise that our Penis Champion created exercises that actually FEEL GOOD.

Penis Champion's program is actually 2 COMPLETE EXERCISE PROGRAMS IN 1.

Each program consists of 10 exercises.

Penis Champion calls the first program SnakeCharming.

SnakeCharming allows you to charm out the bigger penis that you already have. It coaxes out the interior of the penis that is currently buried in that sneaky pubic fat.

Penis Champion calls the second program cirCUMference (plus extras).

cirCUMference was specifically designed to encourage maximum GIRTH.

With this two-fold approach to penis-building, you will ultimately get a more well-rounded, beefier, thicker, bigger penis.

You alternate the 2 programs, doing SnakeCharming one day and cirCUMference the next.

You do these exercises 5 days a week. The exercises can take as few as 10 minutes a day, or up to an hour if you prefer. You have the freedom to tailor the program to your own personal needs.

The Science Behind

Suprapubic fat pad.

Sounds nasty, doesn't it?

Well, it is nasty. As far as I'm concerned, those three words are among the ugliest in the English language.

Why? Because the suprapubic fat pad is responsible for burying part of the penis.

Penis Champion himself had a sort of naïve understanding of how his exercises manage to successfully un-bury the penis.

I wanted to find out exactly how this was possible.

Think of Penis Champion as the virtuoso guitar player who has a raw, innate knowledge of how to improve and perfect his instrument.

Think of me, Marlowe, as the "guitar" enthusiast and researcher who was curious to understand just how this "instrument improving" worked.

And so, I discovered why Penis Champion's approach to penis exercises succeeded where so many others had failed.

Truth be told, there are other "natural" penis enlargement websites out there, all of them using the same lines about "cell division" and "expanding the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa in order to increase blood flow."

First of all, these sites are all plagiarizing off of one another.

Secondly, what's hilarious about these sites is that the information they're plagiarizing over and over again is so downright incorrect that it's laughable from a scientific standpoint.

Admittedly, the talk of "cell division" is psychologically effective because on the cellular level, our bodies are a thing of mystery. After all, we can't see our cells dividing, so who's to say if they will or won't allow for a bigger penis?

But unlike other penis enlarging programs, I can SHOW you proof that you can see:

Your browser may not support display of this image.

See that suprapubic fat? That's our culprit.

Everyone has suprapubic fat. Some have more than others, but everyone has this unfortunate fatty deposit.

What Penis Champion has done is found a way to burn away this suprapubic fat, thus making more penis available!

His exercises were specifically designed to not only work out the penis, but the entire pubic region.

Yes, the exercises require a lot of hands-on grasping and manipulation of the penis itself. But what's unique and, frankly, revolutionary about Penis Champion's method is that many of his exercises target not only the penis, but the entire pubic region.

As a result, you'll be simultaneously improving your penis and your:

  • lower abs
  • gluts
  • hips
  • waistline
  • pelvis

So as a wonderful "side effect," as a result of these exercises, not only will you have a more desirable penis, but you'll be improving your thrusting threshold for actual sex.

Experience it all yourself by clicking here.

Other sites base their methods on just yanking and yanking and yanking away at the penis, hoping to magically stretch out extra inches that aren't really there. This approach borders on being childish.

Penis Champion knows that the inches aren't within the spongy chambers of the penile shaft. The extra inches are just above the shaft, hidden in the suprapubic fat pad.

Need further proof?

  • A 2006 comparative study in the scholarly journal Sexologies confirms that the penis is partially buried in the suprapubic fat pad (Ponchietti et al. 183-186).
  • A 2001 study titled "Penile Length and Circumference" observed 3,300 men, and also confirmed that suprapubic fat plays an important role in hiding the penis shaft (Pascoal s1-s8).
  • Peter Lee of the academic journal Adolescent Medicine states that the "root of penis extends backward along the perineum . . . It's total length is considerably greater than obvious."
  • According to sex writer Chip Rowe, "In 1999 Dutch scientists reported the results of an experiment in which three couples . . . had intercourse inside a 20-inch-wide MRI scanner. The images revealed that the unseen root of the penis plays a crucial role during penetration, putting the functional length of the average erection at closer to nine inches" (110).

    Just think if that extra material could be made visible... And with SnakeCharming, it can!

    Penis Champion wants you to have what he has. I can't wait for you to hear from the man himself!

The Importance Of Girth

The other thing that sets Penis Champion's exercises apart is that they especially help penis GIRTH.


Want proof? You got it:

  • A 2002 study published in the professional journal European Urology stated that 90% of women surveyed found a WIDE penis more sexually pleasing than a long one (Francken et. al. 42).
  • In another study at the University of Texas (Pan-American), 45 out of 50 women found wider penises more sexually satisfying than longer ones (Eisenman 1).

Why? Simple: the wider the penis, the more stimulated her clitoris will be.

A seasoned pro, Penis Champion had found this to be true from personal experience.

That's why he made it a point to develop exercises specifically meant to make the penis wider and thicker.

He calls these exercises the cirCUMference method.

After his first program, SnakeCharming, charms out the extra penile material from the suprapubic fat pad, we can distribute the gains in length, but especially in GIRTH.

It's girth that makes her REALLY FEEL IT.

Penis Champion wants you to have a wider penis.

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Reasons To Become An Apprentice To Penis Champion

  • You will improve the flaccid (limp) length dramatically.
  • You will improve the girth of your penis.
  • You will improve the size of your erection.
  • You will tone your lower abs while simultaneously improving your penis.
  • You will tone your gluts.
  • You will be able to last longer in bed.
  • You will be able to have more explosive ejaculations.
  • You will strengthen your sphincter muscles.
  • You will find that the exercises themselves allow you to feel pleasure.
  • You will learn Penis Champion's entire saga of going from "small-dicked pansy" to sex god.
  • You will order the product under complete anonymity.
  • You will attain higher self esteem, because your penis augmentation will be due to your willpower and dedication, not some magical pill.
  • You will allow your penis to be at the center of your life, if only for 10-30 minutes a day.

Penis Champion has a WEALTH of knowledge to share with you.


As a porn star, Penis Champion's expertise goes far beyond just the penis.

That's why an upgraded membership to can allow you the following e-books:

    10 Tips to Help You Screw Like a Porn Star!!! Professional sex techniques! Sexual mind tricks!
    Ever wonder how a male porn star can last so long without ejaculating? This e-book will teach you exactly how.
    Let's not neglect the penis's partners in crime! Penis Champion has also written this entire guide to the testicles.
    Is your woman frigid when it comes to anal sex? Penis Champion will show you how to get her to do full anal and leave her begging for more.
    Some practical, creative ways to turn your everyday bathroom into your penis training area!

You can have it all. Just click here.



It's absolutely free, no strings attached. Thanks for your time!

If you don't want Penis Champion's help, Then at least please....

  • Do not resort to phalloplasty surgery. Only a miniscule percent of men who undergo this surgery are left satisfied. The typical result of penis surgery is an erection that points down. Weird!
  • Do not take "male enhancement" pills. A lot of these are known to be toxic and should only be taken under the supervision of a urologist. These are a favorite of shady spammers.
  • Do not use a penis pump. Besides being a joke, you risk over-engorging, burst blood vessels, blisters, and the painful possibility of getting your scrotum stuck in the pump.
  • Do not hang weights on the penis. This can result in scarring and erectile dysfunction and should never be attempted without the supervision of a certified therapist.

Before Considering Other Natural Enlargement Sites... Know the facts!

All those other penis enlargement sites base their entire approach on "stretching the spongy chambers" within our penises.

Go ahead. Check them out. Every single one plagiarizes the same core concept: stretch out the spongy chambers in your penis and this will cause cell division and this will allow more blood to get into your penis. This is an insult to our intelligence. First of all, note that none of these sites use academic documentation like I did above and below. This is because no academic proof for stretching spongy chambers even exists. Okay, fine.... I also happen to know the other sites don't work because I've tried them.

After my wife left me, I was willing to try anything. I soon found that all the male enhancement sites were virtually identical, and none of them provided significant results. With the 20 exercises that Penis Champion taught me, I swear to you that within 2 days, I saw a difference in my penis girth. I went to urinate, and I saw that just beneath the head of my penis, the top ¾ inch of my shaft was thicker. Penis Champion calls this sudden band of extra girth "The Porno Band." And while he says it doesn't happen every time, it sure excited me.

Simply tugging and stretching the spongy chambers is an impossibility.

Think about it this way: Once the spongy chambers (corpora cavernosa) fill up with blood, this is what allows us to have an erection. Our bodies only have so much blood. It's a fixed amount, and the norm for an erection is little less than 2 ounces of blood. There is a fixed, maximum amount of blood that can go into an erection. The fact that the spongy chambers cannot be stretched is precisely what allows us an erection at all. If these sponges provided more "give," if they COULD be stretched, then the best case scenario for all these other websites would be that the penis can limply sag a little more, like a wet noodle. But if this were the case (which it's not), once it was time to get an erection, because we have a fixed amount of blood available for the penis, it would be like a long, limp balloon half-filled with blood, not a stiff organ that can penetrate anything. It would be a squirmy, almost jelly-like contraption.

So you see, because the spongy chambers are MEANT to be somewhat rigid and not endlessly elastic, they take in the amount of blood they are supposed to, and we are allowed to have erections. The basis of has nothing to do with these spongy chambers and everything to do with the aforementioned suprapubic fat pads. Yes, Penis Champion will have you doing some base-to-head stroking on certain exercises (called jelqing or milking). But jelqing is only a small part of his two programs. It is but one piece of the puzzle, as SnakeCharming and cirCUMference work out the entire pubic region, entirely meant to un-bury the penis you already have in your suprapubic fat deposit.

Simply put, the other natural penis enlargement sites do not target the pubic region as a whole like the Penis Champion does. Therefore, the other sites AT BEST would only give you a saggy bag of a penis - one that couldn't get enough blood to make an erection.

Enough of MY talk.

It's time to hear from Penis Champion himself! Click here to learn from him.

Once you order, you will be allowed full access to where every word is written by Penis Champion himself. In his funny, irreverent, authoritative voice, you will be reading the words from a sex-pert porn star.

Penis Champion is ready for you.


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